Is Multi-tasking a good thing?

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We had an interesting PFW Tweet Chat this week about meditation, and it seems the jury is out about whether multi-tasking is good. I know that my teacher, Chögyam Trungpa, said it’s not possible to think about two things in the same moment. He said that our mind jumps back and forth between things, giving the illusion of multi-tasking. So the question is, does jumping back and forth help or hinder our reaching our goal?


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I heart a dynamic man named Steve speak at UofT a few years ago about focus at work. He quoted a statistic – it takes an average of 5 – 7 minutes to get oriented into a project. He said that if we jump from phone call to project to web-surfing to project to email to project, that we are losing a LOT of time because of that initial ramp up time each time we switch back to the project. It makes sense to me!

Steve advocated for creating clear chunks of time in your day when you are available for email and phone, communicate that to your colleagues, and then use the rest of the time to do focused work on your projects.

So I hope this gets you thinking more about multi-tasking and whether it empowers you or disempowers you. If you’d like to explore this more with me, visit my website here.

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